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May 2023

Mum Mary

Mary is a very popular mother at the Prado. We are going to learn about the Virgin´s life and how to recognize her blue trail. What´s your mother´s name?

Let´s dedicate a very special gift to all mothers. We will create scrapbooks in order to keep our memories alive, just like paintings do.

WHEN Sunday May 21th
TIME De 16:30 a 19:00
PLACE & ENTRANCE Fundación Workshop c/Antonio Maura 4
Language English
AGE 7-12
Inscription 50 € child
Con la colaboración de
Fundación Adey


Mum Mary

• We request punctual drop off and pick up.
• Children´s entrance y pick up: Fundacion Workshop, c/ Antonio Maura, 4 floor -1 ( downstairs).
• Children may only be picked up by an authorized adult listed in the form provided by their parents or guardians.
• Children should wear comfortable clothing that they may get dirty.
• If you’d like to contact us during the workshop, you may do so at 687244370.
• Please do not bring mobile phones or smartphones to the workshop.


Mum Mary




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